We need new myths to forge towards our uncertain futures, but they need to be founded on established historical truths.
Nous sommes ici, discovering a new city
The patriarchy teaches men that we need to banish the things that make us human just so we can live up to a toxic ideal, but there are far worse things…
No feeling is final.
And it's wonderful
I volunteer to be the Valentine's Scrooge.
Au cours de la troisième semaine, things have started to pick up.
As a kid, I’ve always felt a sense of restlessness, and a particular disassociation from people and places—a lack of rootedness, so to speak.
Checking out new apartments, the shame of learning a new word, and rummaging through a dead man's stuff
The French phrase for the week is: Je ne comprends pas. In English: I don’t understand. In high school, we had a substitute teacher who spoke French and…