You'll never forget your first, or so they say.
For the holidays, we went on a vacation in Morocco — my first time in the country and the African continent.

August 2022

“I know we’re living in the Marcos Era. And I’m aware that many people are suffering. But I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Am I supposed to feel guilty…
Do I love the Philippines? What do I exactly love? Its geographic location? Its laws? The people? Trying to answer this feels like “Ship of Theseus”-ing…

May 2022

We need new myths to forge towards our uncertain futures, but they need to be founded on established historical truths.

March 2022

And it's wonderful

February 2022

The French phrase for the week is: Je ne comprends pas. In English: I don’t understand. In high school, we had a substitute teacher who spoke French and…
I volunteer to be the Valentine's Scrooge.
Au cours de la troisième semaine, things have started to pick up.

January 2022

Checking out new apartments, the shame of learning a new word, and rummaging through a dead man's stuff
Nous sommes ici, discovering a new city
The patriarchy teaches men that we need to banish the things that make us human just so we can live up to a toxic ideal, but there are far worse things…